Welcome Chelsea

We have a new intern… and we heart her already.

Meet Chelsea.

I’m Chelsea, the new and improved CE Design Drone. I cook. I clean. I design. I intern.

I graduated from Southeastern University last Saturday and now spend my nine-to-five within the lovely pink walls of CE Design Co.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and Journalism with a minor in music. Quite a combination, I know.

I am spending my summer at CE Design Co. helping with anything that’s needed, and hopefully learning a thing or two along the way. Not to mention, I’m getting college credit for hanging out with Mac. Couldn’t ask for much more.

I won’t even go into detail of where I’m from. Let’s just say I was born in New Jersey, lived in Malaysia somewhere along the way, and ended up here.

I like to rock out on my guitar (that is, if you consider my Brandi Carlile-esque style to be rocking out). I enjoy Saturday walks downtown with my boyfriend and aspire to own a teacup Chihuahua someday. Really.

Don’t Dream to Big…

CE hearts Weddings

CE loves loves loves making stationary of any kind, but especially pieces pertaining to weddings. Here’s a little something we worked up for an upcoming wedding in New Orleans! we loved it so we thought we would share it with you. don’t hesitate to ask us for anything you might need to make your next shindig rad. Until then, we’ll be here, making the world a prettier place, one save the date card at a time.

You’ll Always Be My Baby

Introducing Hali Nicole Vatikiotis. Isn’t she just the cutest thing… oh ahh. Now, for a second, take your eyes off the baby and focus in our our birth announcement. Yeah we can can make those too. We’re sure you all have things you want to brag on so let us know how we can help you. You don’t have to have a baby to call us!

HE>CE Design Co

GET IT? Here at CE Design Co. we do believe that God has given us talents that we should use to serve him. We know that the only reason we can make it though each day is with his help and grace. Make this your mission today, this week, this month, this year…. this eternity. Let God be Greater Than You!

Conquering the World

Woman business owners are considered a minority in the United States… well here is a quote from one of our loves, Marilyn, that inspires us from time to time. At CE, were all about girl power… and we love shoes.

DD | Website Update

Check it out… Today you get tons of designs. Finally time is allotted to update our website. Go online to www.cedesignco.com to see some of our latest work. Pass the word along if you like what you see!

DD | Party Time

Here it is… the Design of the Day. CE can make custom invitations for any of your upcoming parties! Glitter or Glam, let us know what we can do to make your special day memorable.

Tea Time

Check it out… It’s our latest website launch. <a href=”http://www.camelliarose.com/”>CamelliaRose.com</a>. It’s up… It’s live… and we hope you love it as much as we do.

Check back in May to see the all new Logo and Business Cards for Camellia Rose.

We Surf the Internet. We swim in Magazines.

Take a look at this ad found in this month’s Glamour regarding CE’s first love – Magazines. Can you tell which letter in the above picture belongs to which magazine? If so, you love magazines as much as CE does…

The Internet is exhilarating. Magazine are enveloping. The Internet grabs you. Magazines embrace you. The Internet is impulsive. Magazines are immersive. And both media are growing.

Barely noticed amidst the thunderous Internet clamour is the simple fact that magazine readership has risen over the past give years. Even in the age of the Internet, even among the groups one would assume are most singularly hooked on digital media, the appeal of magazines is growing.

Think of it this way: during the 12 year life of Google, magazine readership actually increased 11 percent.

What it proves, once again, is that the new medium doesn’t necessarily displace an existing one. Just as movies didn’t kill radio. Just as TV didn’t kill movies. An established medium can continue to flourish so long as it continues to offer a unique experience. And, as reader loyalty and growth demonstrate, magazines do.

Which is why people aren’t giving up swimming, just because they also enjoy surfing.

Here’s the Breakdown on the Image:
“M” from <em>Time</em>, “A” from <em>Vanity Fair</em>, “G” from <em>Rolling Stone</em>, “A” from <em>Entertainment Weekly</em>, “Z” from <em>Harper’s Bazaar</em>, “I” from <em>Marie Claire</em>, “N” from <em>Fortune</em>, and “ES” from <em>Esquire</em>.

DD | Not our Bra Size

Check us out! But make sure you are looking us in the eyes. Everyday we will be posting our “DD” aka Daily Design. Here is ours for this Wonderful Wednesday.

P.S. Does your business card look like this, if not call us immediately!  863.557.0580